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Global brands depend on Origami Logic to understand their vast array of marketing performance data, across every channel and platform. Marketers can measure complex campaigns in real-time and get notified of insights through Origami Stories, so they can optimize their efforts.

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IT & Data Science

Business intelligence teams need reliable access to marketing data to support corporate analytics initiatives. Origami Logic collects, refines and organizes your marketing data so it is ready to use. Advanced users can use a programming environment to explore, enrich and transform data.

Solutions For

Agencies are under pressure from clients to meet goals and satisfy increasing demands for reporting and insights. Agency teams use Origami Logic to provide media transparency with real-time campaign data and to foster a consultative relationship with their clients.

Media Transparency

The media supply chain is murky at best, making it difficult for marketers and agencies to manage their spend’s effectiveness and efficiency across the ever-expanding universe of digital and offline channels. Origami Logic helps brands and agencies share ownership of performance data, track progress against meaningful KPIs, and take advantage of automated insights to improve results.

Elevate the conversation from reporting to optimizing campaign performance

  • Build data transparency and accountability across your global marketing team and agencies
  • Track media performance and spend with data sourced directly from publishers and platforms
  • Make in-flight optimizations to improve the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Discover and remedy areas of media inefficiencies and waste

Agency Solutions

Marketing agencies are challenged with meeting the increasingly complex reporting needs of their clients. Keeping up with even basic performance reporting requires a lot of time and human resources and scaling manual processes is impractical. Ad hoc requests create agency fire drills, putting further demands on strained resources and limiting time spent managing ongoing campaigns.

Delight your clients with real-time access to sophisticated reporting

  • Respond to ad hoc reporting inquiries quickly and get direct access to raw marketing data through Origami Workbench.
  • Add or change data classifications to define new views and segments
  • Reallocate time saved on manual reporting to focus on strategy
  • Share relevant stories from the Origami mobile app with your customers to provide added value

Personalized Insights

Building insights is a tedious process, requiring significant data wrangling and manual work to discover optimization opportunities. It is often too late to reallocate media spend even if an important insight is found. Origami Stories is powered by the Origami Marketing Insights Engine (MIE) and delivers users with key insights via our mobile app.

Leverage Origami’s marketing expertise to automate insights generation

  • Personalize the Origami mobile app to receive the latest stories on key KPIs and metrics
  • Stories can include threshold alerts, KPI notifications and outliers
  • Drill down into each story to learn why the story was triggered within the app
  • Share stories with your team to drive action

Marketing Dashboard

CMO Dashboard

Marketers leaders need continuous, always-updated access to marketing results expressed the way that business is measured – across channels, brands, and regions. With Origami Logic, you get complete visibility to all of your marketing results, whether executed internally or through agency partners. The result is a single version of marketing truth for your global team and a straightforward way to measure marketing’s contribution to the bottom line.

All of your marketing performance data and insights in one place

  • Build transparency and accountability across your internal and external teams
  • Monitor progress against your defined KPIs versus goals at a glance
  • Monitor media spend with real-time data from partners and publishers
  • Eliminate manual reporting and refocus team on leveraging insights
  • Surface insights with Origami Stories and share with stakeholders to drive results

Marketing Measurement

Cross-Channel Measurement

Modern marketers rely on a complex mix of channels and tools, making it more important than ever to have a comprehensive view of campaign performance. Origami Logic lets you see how content is working across various channels and in which stages of the customer lifecycle. Identify your best-performing tactics and shift resources away from efforts that aren’t working to drive performance.

Determine what’s working across all your online and offline marketing channels

    • Easily find performance data from all channels and campaigns in a single platform
    • Drill down from summary view to see performance details for creative assets
    • Visualize campaign performance by channel, audience, geography, etc.
  • Leverage the Origami Marketing Insights Engine (MIE) to detect anomalies and emerging insights for complex, in-flight campaigns

Social Media Measurement

Social Performance Measurement

Tracking and analyzing social performance can be a confusing and time-consuming exercise due to massive volume of marketing signals scattered across paid, owned and earned channels. Origami Logic provides marketing teams with a single platform to measure results, track progress towards business goals and objectives, and gain a better understanding of social’s contribution to overall marketing results.

Unify social measurement and view results in context of business objectives

  • Single view of social marketing performance across paid, owned and earned channels
  • Review content alongside performance metrics within content cards
  • Drill down to individual posts, tweets and videos to figure out what drives engagement
  • Get automated alerts about content that is going viral

Video Performance Measurement

Digital video advertising is a critical tool for marketers in today’s online, content-driven landscape, and brands are experimenting with creatives across a multitude of channels and audience segments. Managing performance requires collecting and aggregating video-specific metrics, making manual reporting tedious and error prone. Origami Logic can help you measure video metrics correctly to understand a campaign’s impact on awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Establish a foundation for video campaign measurement to prove ROI

  • Combine video metrics from publisher, programatic and social channels
  • Tie video campaign performance to conversions and critical KPIs
  • Compare how video creatives perform by audience segments
  • Enable collaboration across digital and TV planning teams

Audience Segment Analytics

To understand the impact of messaging and content, it’s helpful to slice-and-dice campaign performance results by audience segments. Origami blends together audience data with campaign data so that you can measure how marketing efforts are performing across key demographic segments.

Understand your marketing performance in the context of key audiences

  • Understand campaign and content performance in an audience context
  • View campaign, content, and channel results by audience segments
  • Explore specific questions about audience engagement with ad hoc reporting
  • Drive a consistent definition of audience segments across your organization

Marketing Data Stream

Cleansed and harmonized data collected by Origami Logic can be accessed directly through Origami Workbench for custom exploration, enrichment and transformation with full scripting language support. Alternatively, OpenExport makes it simple to select the marketing metrics and campaign results you want to share and stream data directly to your corporate data lake or IT hub.

Share marketing results and insights throughout the enterprise

  • Origami Workbench provides access to raw data for custom exploration, enrichment and transformation
  • OpenExport lets you stream cleansed and harmonized marketing data to your data lake
  • Eliminate data wrangling needed to prepare data for media mix modeling, financial analysis and corporate planning

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