Marketing Leadership CMO

Marketing Leadership

CMOs and marketing leaders need complete visibility across all marketing efforts to prove the value of marketing and truly understand how brand strategies are performing. They also need complete transparency into the media buying process to manage their team and external agencies effectively. Origami Logic provides marketing leaders a single source of truth with continuous, always-updated access to marketing performance data across all brands, ad channels and regions.

Gain insight into all marketing functions down to the campaign level

  • Gain transparency and drive accountability across internal teams and external agencies
  • Standardize measurement across the entire organization
  • Keep teams, agencies, and publishers aligned on campaign performance
  • Track progress towards custom KPIs by product, channel, geography, and more
  • Review how various initiatives are impacting business metrics in a single dashboard

Key Solutions for Marketing Leadership

  • Media Transparency – Get transparency into the media supply chain, share performance data between brands and agencies, and track progress against key brand KPIs.
  • CMO Dashboard – Gain complete visibility of your marketing performance data in one place and get notifications when new opportunities arise.

Marketing Leadership CMO

VP of Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digital leaders have to activate their brand across a plethora of ad channels to stay competitive. But, getting a handle on a complex marketing mix can prove to be a challenge. Origami Logic brings all of your marketing performance data into one flexible dashboard, so you can make data driven optimization decisions. Tie external campaign data back to internal business metrics to understand whether your digital efforts are driving business ROI.

Measure the performance of your content across all channels and segments

  • Continuously measure all campaigns to make in-flight optimizations
  • Map campaign performance to internal sales numbers to see if campaigns are driving ROI
  • Get a summary view or drill down performance details for creatives and audience segments
  • Address specific inquiries with ad hoc reporting
  • Combine creative imagery and quantitative results in a single visualization layer
  • Automatically bring in copy, creative images, publish date, and other details from creative assets
  • Enable your teams to quickly collaborate on episodic campaigns in-flight

Key Solutions for Digital Strategy

VP of Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

For many analytics teams, wrangling campaign data is a huge headache since there are more tools, channels, and data sources to manage than ever. Origami Logic’s open platform simplifies data management by collecting, refining, and organizing all your data, across ad channels, campaigns, and data sources. Origami’s Marketing GraphTM provide a framework that defines the dynamic relationships and hierarchies across different types of marketing data, enabling marketing teams to organize campaign signals easily to accelerate time to insights.

Unify and organize data across channels, campaigns, and systems

  • Collect all marketing data from every channel and bring it into a single, comprehensive view.
  • Avoid computational errors caused by manual data manipulation
  • Import non-API, offline, and proprietary data through OpenConnect
  • Export cleansed and harmonized marketing data to your data lake
  • Enable your team with faster access to marketing data

Key Solutions for Marketing Analytics

  • Cross-Channel Measurement – Unify data from every marketing source into a single platform.
  • Marketing Data Stream – Automate API management and marketing data collection and stream cleansed and harmonized data to your data lake.

VP of Marketing Analytics

Social Media Expert

Social Media

Social media experts are constantly looking for new ideas to engage customers and build brand equity. To drive effective content strategy, they have to measure content performance across paid, owned and earned channels to see what resonates well with customers. However, measuring social activity is not easy ­– due to the large volumes of data. With Origami Logic, you get a single view of your social marketing performance across all channels, so you can easily track content efficacy and build effective content strategy.

Consolidate social measurement and view results in the context of business objectives

  • Drill down to individual posts, tweets, and videos to figure out what content drives engagement
  • Combine creative and performance data to discover your best-performing content
  • Visualize campaign performance by channel, audience, geography, and more
  • Gain visibility into social marketing’s broader impact on other parts of your business by measuring website activity and conversions

Key Solutions for Social Media

  • Social Performance Management – Measure content performance and engagement across paid, owned and earned media within a single platform.
  • Cross-Channel Measurement – Identify your best-performing content across different channels and leverage these insights to understand your customer better.



Today’s agencies face heavy reporting demands due to expectations of increased transparency, alongside a big increase in the number of marketing channels. Agency resources are scarce, but client demands continue to escalate. Origami Logic helps agencies by automating data collection, refinement, visualization, and delivering reports – giving agency leaders more resources to deliver insights that help clients stay ahead of the curve.

Free up more time to innovate and build insights

  • Automate data collection, enrichment, cleansing, and regular report delivery
  • Differentiate from the pack by building strong measurement and reporting capabilities
  • Facilitate transparency by allowing clients to self-serve on standard data and reporting
  • Respond to ad hoc reporting inquiries quickly and accurately
  • Drive optimizations and streamline communication between across teams
  • Reallocate time spent generating manual reports to focus on delivering customer value

Key Solutions for Agencies

  • Agency Solutions – Provide reporting across all active campaigns in one location and foster a consultative relationship with your customers.



“Origami Logic has helped visualize the wealth of data we have, and
better explain the impact our digital marketing has on the business.”

Director of Social and Digital Content


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