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“What gets measured is what gets done” is a tried and true maxim in business. Modern marketers know that it is increasingly difficult to analyze the exploding volume and variety of marketing data to deliver accurate insights quickly. We empower organizations to do their best marketing by providing the most accurate, useful, and actionable marketing performance data and insights.

The world’s largest brands trust Origami Logic to collect and cleanse data from all of their marketing channels including web, email, social, search, video, and more. Non-technical marketers can search and organize their campaign data and track meaningful metrics and KPIs by building beautiful dashboards. Origami Stories keep marketers posted on the latest insights and encourage collaboration, so that everyone can see what’s working, what isn’t, and where to optimize.

marketing technology

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Services and Best Practices

We believe in outcomes, not in blindly deploying technology. That’s why every engagement begins with an assessment of capabilities, process and platforms to map out and uncover your team’s priorities, use cases and desired outcomes. This assessment and diagnostic helps to establish collaboratively a measurement framework that fuels the development of your visual narratives and dashboards.

Our team works day in and day out with many of the world’s leading brands, and we bring these best practices to a comprehensive set of services deliverables that span discovery and planning, information architecture and design, integration and implementation and ongoing value optimization and change management.

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The Marketing GraphTM

The Marketing Graph is the marketing data model at the heart of the Origami Logic platform. It provides the framework for modern measurement by defining the dynamic relationships and hierarchies between disparate campaigns, activities, creative assets, and performance metrics.

The Marketing Graph supports the data needs of everyone from the CMO to the analyst by aggregating and organizing signals in a way that makes sense for marketers from sources like social, display advertising, search, mobile, web, CRM, and email. The Marketing Graph can incorporate proprietary and offline data to suit the needs of any organization.

marketing data model

marketing transparency

Data Transparency

The media supply chain is murky at best, making it difficult for marketers to manage their spend, agencies, and teams and drive effectiveness across the complex landscape of digital and offline channels. Brands and agencies need to track progress against the plan by collecting data directly from media partners and publishers.

We help the world’s largest advertisers take ownership of their performance data and build trust and transparency with their agency and media partners. Brands choose Origami Logic for real-time insights into cross-channel results and to establish meaningful KPIs for their internal and external teams.

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Enterprise-Grade Analytics

To make timely, data-driven decisions, marketers need a complete and current understanding of cross-channel marketing performance, requiring tremendous data processing, analysis, and collaboration capabilities at scale.

Origami Logic’s Unified Data Engine is built for the performance and scalability demands of global enterprises. A single customer uses Origami Logic to collect, refine, and measure millions of signals daily from more than 5,500 different marketing sources, and then securely shares real-time marketing insights with 1,200 users via 20 different role-based dashboards.

enterprise software for marketing measurement


“Origami Logic has helped visualize the wealth of data we have, and
better explain the impact our digital marketing has on the business.”

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